Standing ovations for the Premiere of Urban Tales

Premiere of Urban Tales at SNG Nova Gorica received standing ovations, here are some photos from the performance and after it:)

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Reportage on the National TV

To see the reportage from premiere of the Urban Tales on the National Slovenian TV  CLICK here - URBANE ZGODBE

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PREMIERE -Urban Tales - 3rd and 5th December at SNG Nova Gorica

New performance Urban Tales - premiere on Wednesday, 3rd and 5th December at 20.00

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Dancing ''Creep'' at Erice Danza / Video

Dance, Danza, Dans, Ples, Taniec and choreography:

M&N Dance Company / Michal Rynia Nastja Bremec 

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The Wizard of Oz - PREMIERE

M&N prepeard the choreography for Musical The Wizard of Oz 

PREMIERE will take place 12.08.2014

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Images from the Audition

Images from the Audition for M&N Dance Company.

From 230 application from all over the world the selected 42 dancers presented themselves on the audition.

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M&N Dance Company is seeking male and female dancers for a project. Dancers

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Cultural program RTV SLO

Cultural program RTV SLO about the International Dance Day - Watch the Short VIDEO -

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Article from the performance in DELO

Read the article about the performance by following the link -

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Room with a View - photos from the premiere

Photos from premiere made by Ana Kete 

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Rehearsal footage - new creation Room with a View

Images from the studio rehearsal 

Premiere on the 5th of February at SNG Nova Gorica

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Christmas production / M&N Dance Studio

New Year and Christmas production at M&N Dance Studio

Santa in the house:)

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Article from our latest dance performance

On the 17th of December we had the premiere of our new short choreography.

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Workshop in Israel

Ten days of teaching in Israel - more then one thousand of students were taking classes with M&N

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On the cover of British Dance Magazine - Linedancer

Read the interview with M&N for British Dance Magazine - Linedancer.


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Premiere of "Timon Atenski" theatre performance

26th of September at 20.00 Premiere of theatre performance "Timon Atenski" at SNG Nova Gorica.

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RTV Slovenia - Summer Workshop -Plesno Poletje

Cultural program POLETNA SCENA about Plesno Poletje M&N DC organising 

Watch from 11.20

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M&N Dance Studio opens the door to the new season

On Saturday, 14th of September 2013 there will be an OPEN DAY at M&N
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Movie "Moment of Fever" selected for the Slovenian Film Festival

Dance Film "Moment of Fever" - directed by Svetlana Dramlic and a production of Studio Arkadena, was selected for 16th Slovenian Film Festival.

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57 young dancers in "Utrip" at National Theatre Nova Gorica

Thursday, 20th of June 2013 in Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica at 20.00

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Black Eyed Peas tweeted M&N's last dance video

Black Eyed Peas tweeted M&N's latest dance video on Will I.Am new song called #thatPOWER feautering Justin Bieber.

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Audience and Jury Award for "Moment of Fever" during Freenetworld International Film Festival in Nis, Serbia

Movie "Moment of Fever" was selected for The 5th FreeNetWorld international short film festival in Nis, Serbia.

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Performance in Graz, Austria

Michal and Nastja were invited by Darrel Toulon, the artistic director of Opera in Graz, Austria, to join the Alpha group and perform on the Ball der Technik 2013.

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M&N Dance Studio / Openning

Openning of the new M&N Dance Studio. 

Start: September 2012!!

Location: An attractive location in the heart of the town itself, it is surrounded by all of the public, administritive and financial services and holds the all important position between Nova Gorica and Gorizia.

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Award for "Moment Of Fever" on the Dance Theater Story Festival in Poland.

Verdict of the Dance Theatre Story Film Competition's Jury

Jury of the Dance Theatre Story Film Competition, organised by Mościce Art Centre in Poland as a part of the 2nd Dance Theatres' Festival Open Stage gave award to the collection of four films Moment of Fever, submitted by the Arkadena Studio from Slovenia.

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Interview on Parada Plesa

Parada Plesa is a well known tv show about dance. Michal and Nastja were invited for a little talk by Barbra Drnac, the artistic dance crtitic and leader of Parada Plesa. 

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Photos from - Tailors of the World...

Photos from the performance M&N recently worked on.

About the Performance: Tailors of the world: Funeral fashion showis a fashion-theater-music spectacle. The

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Tailors of the World - on the Europen Capital of Culture in Maribor

The premiere of "Tailors of the World: Funeral Fashion Show" on the European Capital of Culture in Maribor.

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Premiere of our choreography for Opera and Ballet Ljubljana

M&N DC are making a choreography Duet for solists of National ballet and opera in Ljubljana, Kristina Aleksova and Lukas Zuschlag in the evenning called "Classica and TANGO". 

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Critics about the Myth

To read the critic in slovenian follow the link -

(Below is the english translation).

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"Plesni mit o Orfeju in Evridiki"

Slovenian Media about the Myth

Po stoječih ovacijah v Rotterdamu in Novi Gorici je plesni dvojec Nastja Bremec in Michal Rynia s predstavo Mit navdušil tudi v ljubljanskem Cankarjevem domu… to read on follow the link - (in slovenian only)

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The Myth on the Summer Festival in Belgrade

M&N DC invited by Festival koreografskih minijatur performing " The Myth" on the 27th of june at 20.00 Bitef

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Cultural Program OSMI DAN RTV Slovenia about premiere of The MYTH

Cultural program about premiere of the Myth in Osmi Dan - Watch from 21.47

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Cultural Program RTV Slovenia - Introduce The Myth

Cultural program about premiere of the Myth - Watch from 02.54

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"Moment of Fever"- Premiered on the VIII Open Cinema film festival in St. Petersburg

Open Cinema Festival in Saint-Petersburg, Russia it is the largest international forum of short films in Russia.

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The Myth- Dutch premiere photos

Dutch Premiere of the Myth recived the standing ovations at De Gouvernestraat Rotterdam.

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